Sunday, February 28, 2010

crazy wind-The Chinati

There is a wall of dust surrounding the land in front of El Cosmico (my front yard) and the wind is howling out here in West Texas today like a madman. Its crazy! This one has a scary personality.
March brings the WIND. Like you have never felt. It drives us crazy, uneasy...unsettled. But today, this one is exciting! There's a celebratory feeling around town. Maybe because this particular wind is so determined and angry, a real bastard. We were just talking the other night at Padre's about how our Marfa wind needs a The Santa Annas in California or The Scirocco in Africa, reputedly so strong and maddening a wind that husbands are let off from beating their wives and a more lenient sentence given to those driven to murder. I'll call this wind The Chinati.
For me, the wind drives me to think of other places. Traveling. Blowing around the world with a good book and a bag. India.
Guatemala. Thailand. Cambodia......Morocco....

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